Stylo Culture Round Cotton Floor Cushion Cover Seating for Adults Vintage Embroidered Patchwork Blue 32" Tuffet Kids Floor Pillow Seating Cover

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Stylo Culture presents a beautiful ethnic floor cushion gaddi studded with heavy embroidery. In this cover embroidered fabric patches are patched and stitched together at random to create a collage like effect and decorated with all kinds of colored threads, patchwork, raised colored thread work and embroidery in intricate designs with beautiful tassel work. It is a beautiful "Khambadiya" floor cushion cover made by artisans in Barmer, India. Witness the exquisite embroidery and thread work on a vibrant cotton backing, creating a stunning collage bursting with gorgeous patterns and colors! PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS A COVER ONLY AND THE INSERT IS NOT INCLUDED. The floor cushion cover has a zipper closure at the bottom which can be used to stuff the cover with cotton. The filling can be of cotton, old clothes, beans used in the bean bags or simply you may get it filled from the cotton workers available in your locality. Since the floor cushion cover is made from vintage fabric patches, each cover is unique. There will be VARIATION in the patches however the BASE COLOR of the Floor Cushion cover will REMAIN SAME. We can share the images of the available floor cushion covers if required for you to select the one you want us to ship. There may be slight imperfections due to the products handmade nature which makes the product unique and different from other Floor Cushion covers.